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Our Team

Dave Urichuck



Dave Urichuck is an international speaker, professional coach, and published author. He helps clients explore their goals, increase their self-confidence, and conquer obstacles so they can lead deeply fulfilling lives. Dave is an expert at helping clients gain a new perspective on life so they can improve their careers and business choices. He believes everyone can define their purpose and passion and live it!

Adventures in nature offer outstanding opportunities for personal growth, which is why Dave created The Adventure Coach platform. It's a unique coaching practice that offers customized outdoor packages for individuals or groups looking for life-changing experiences.

He has coached diverse audiences, led workshops, and enjoyed outdoor adventures in more than 35 countries. He has also been mentored by outstanding industry leaders, including Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul).

Robert La Riviere (Founder)



Successful Sales & Marketing professional for more then 40 years. In the beginning from the age of 18 to 25 Robert took a variety of jobs, from warehouse attendant to sales representative and even was a Police officer for five years. What followed was experience building, that led Robert to complete is education in business Administration and completing is American Sales Master at Harvard University. Robert was introduced to the secrets of success. He as been a successful business entrepreneur for most of is life. He is a motivator, an innovator and believes that what you think you create and achieve. He as been a professional public speaker and trainer since 1982 and spoken to many thousands of individual. He also authored Five books 

1) Overwhelmingly Conquer ‘’Personal Development’’ 

2) Professional Sales Strategies ‘’Sales - Techniques + Attitude. 

3) Marketing for Success ‘’Sales Orientation / How to hire or recruit Champions’’

4) Communication par excellence "French Telemarketing strategy"

5) Robert La Riviere Secrets for Success " Working with the laws and disciplines of Happiness" 

Robert also had the privilege to teach entrepreneurship at University College of St- Boniface Manitoba and at the Simon Fraser University, Vancouver British Columbia. Between 1991 to 1998 in collaboration with Custom Learning Inc. In 2002 Robert founded and Incorporated BILTMORE GROUP S.A. in Panama and established a Maritime Yacht Charter Business to Import export and Precious metals . 

Stephen L. Whiteley



Who I am

My name is Stephen Whiteley. I used to be a Master of Destruction as a fighter pilot. Now I am a Master of Happiness and Harmony, and spend my days helping others achieve true and lasting happiness, no matter where they are starting from.

What I do 

I love to help people let go of their stress, conflict and hurts to embrace their deepest held desires and enjoy the happy way of living. There is still hope for you and yours!

Why I do it

I was living the happy life and then was brought down by marital strife. This felt so wrong and I felt powerless to change it. However, when I finally made a decision to get happy again, and took some new action, to my surprise, the relationship started getting better. My wife and I are now more deeply in love than ever, I have ended unhappiness in my life, and it is so rewarding to bring this gift to others.