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World Prosperity Leadership Inc. is an educational organization whose mission is to provide its members with tools, training and services to promote the development and the realization of business.

Only natural persons can become a member of the World Prosperity Leadership Inc.

Q : Is WPL an investment program?

  A : No, WPL is an associate member program that provides immediate benefits to our members in the form of educational information, introductory resources and training on a variety of financial topics. Example: How to create or build more savings, how to earn and accumulate faster, how to get out of debt and secure a solid financial future by an aggressive organized and rational approach to the alternative thinker. WPL is rich in information and training on how to do business globally using financial structures such as International Business Corporation IBC or trusts and how they should be used. Protection of heritage, confidentiality and any related financial objective. 

Q : What are the registration fee’s used for?

 A : The registration fee is for the immediate benefits of the members and the bulk of the residual registration fees are given to members by the optional benefits of the "Savings Accelerator Board". This program is designated to benefit members immediately and even better in the long term.  

Q : How does the savings accelerator Board work?

 I's a 3 X 2 Board, which means there are 3 member positions to fill on the first level and 9 member positions on the second level. Each position on each level must be filled to receive the benefits attached to each level. Once The two levels are completed you will  graduate to the WPL# 2  Training (see Benefit page details).  

Q : Am I obligated to refer people?

 A: No, you can simply and immediately become a member for all benefits to members and receive much more for what you have paid to become a member. However, since the best profits are those that complete the ''SAB'' "Savings Accelerator Board". We strongly encourage you to participate. In addition to the interim benefits available throughout your advancement in the ''SAB'' (after the second level completed) we use marketing techniques adapted to the Internet among so many other methods. We want to demonstrate that everyone can do this regardless of experience, background or training.  

Q : I only want the benefits of the''SAB'' What happens if I don't qualify?

 A :  You should not join only for the benefits of the ''SAB''. It is mathematically certain that many of the members will never complete the Board. We have structured this program in ways that you receive more in immediate educational benefits worth a lot more than the money you paid. However, you earn additional profits when you complete each of the levels. What should be remembered is that the ''SAB'' is an additional benefit. What needs to be understood is not all participants will benefit from the ''SAB'' This is a benefit to the program and you should join to access the benefits available.  


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